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Percentage of sales will go to further educating young adults and children about healthy eating and lifestyles.

As a hard-working business professional, I found myself 90 pounds over-weight, confused and frustrated. After years of endless diets and continued failures I finally became educated on the true reasons for weight gain and loss. This knowledge will eliminate the doubt and confusion, allowing you to achieve your weight-loss goals.

This knowledge will allow you to succeed!

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“I have learned over the course of the last month that if it is done well, the weight drops relatively easily and with little sacrifice. My blood pressure is improving and I suspect my cholesterol is improving as well. So, thanks for the book and the personal endorsement. I’m hopeful for the first time, on my life changing direction.”


“Awesome book… I'm well on my way and feel I've easily made phase 2…down to 239 from 265 and a high of 275. Losing 10 lbs a month consistently…not doing much exercising... but that is next. Thanks for saving my life.”


“Ried thank you for awaking us and allowing my wife and I to finally conquer our weight issues. We wish we had known sooner as well.”


“No gimmicks or confusion, just the important information needed to understand why I gain and lose weight.”


“This knowledge is empowering! Now I understand the why and I am now in control!”


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